Coffee Jitters Keeping You Awake At Night? Take A Chill Pill


Asleep on the job is a no no!: image via thinkgeek.comAsleep on the job is a no no!: image via The folks at Think Geek know about caffeine, believe me.  How do you think they're able to test the hundreds of weird products they receive every day and then write-up all the clever things to say about them?  CAFFEINE!  There had been a fast turnover of employees at Think Geek just because of caffeine - the employees, you see, couldn't sleep - at night, at least....

To keep their best geeks on the job while still riding 'high,' Think Geek decided to load everyone up with Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills so they could keep their great geeks employed.  And the chill pills worked so well that now Think Geek is bringing them to you - so you can save your jobs too!

Because caffeine takes about 12 hours to fully digest, you have to stop loading up on it pretty early in the day if you want to sleep at night.  No one does that, of course, at least not geeks. But it only takes a Rutaesomn 2 to 4 hours before you want to go to sleep and it will 'decaffeinate' you! Can you imagine?


Rutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills: image via thinkgeek.comRutaesomn De-Caffeinating Chill Pills: image via


The active ingredient in Rutaesomn is 100 milligrams of rutaecarpine, a plant extract that, in this dosage, has no known side effect.  Please check with your physician about using Rutaesomn, however, if you are taking prescription medications.  visit

Editor's Note: hinkGeek no longer has this item in inventory. You can find Rutaesomn at Amazon here.

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