Coffee Joulies Temper Your Scorching Morning Brew


For many people coffee is the best part of their morning.  In fact, many are lost without their morning cup of java.  Some people try to slam back a mug while they are getting ready in the morning.  Others grab a cup on their way to work and still others try to sip away on some at the office between piles of paperwork.  No matter where you have your coffee though, keeping it at the right temperature can be so difficult!  If it is too hot you burn your mouth and once it cools right down it just doesn’t taste the same.



It’s a juggling act, especially if you are busy doing something else while you are trying to drink your coffee.  This is where Coffee Joulies come in.  These stainless steel ‘beans’ have a core that melts at 140 degrees F, absorbing a lot of the heat energy as it’s melting and cooling the beverage down three times faster than it would cool on its own.  Now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but then my coffee will get cold too fast!”  This is where this product gets really good.  Once the centers are completely melted the ‘beans’ start to release heat back into the beverage, keeping it at the optimal temperature for longer.



Covered mugs are said to work the best with the Joulies because more of the heat energy is absorbed rather than being lost out of the top of the cup.  There is no need to worry that the Joulies will burn you or harm you because they sink to the bottom of your cup and the substance inside the ‘beans’ is completely food safe. 

Now that you are all excited I must tell you that Coffee Joulies are not quite on the market yet; the creators are currently working on getting funding through  If you want to pledge some money towards funding though, you can get a few Joulies in exchange.

Source:  Kickstarter, Gizmag