Coffee May Protect From Certain Types of Cancer

Coffee May Lower Your Risk for Oral CancersCoffee May Lower Your Risk for Oral Cancers

Do you crave the fresh cup of coffee every morning to get you through the day? Even though studies before have shown that drinking coffee isn’t good for you, a new study says that coffee may protect you from certain types of cancers.

Researchers in Japan have found that drinking coffee lowers the risk of oral cancers.

In order to conduct the research, Dr. Toru Naganuma of Tohoku University and his colleagues looked at data from the population-based Miyagi Cohort Study in Japan.

The Miyagi Cohort Study included information on over 38,000 participants, including diet, as well as the amount of coffee consumption. The participants ranged in age from 40 to 64 with no previous history of cancer. In the 13 years of the study, 157 cases of the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus occurred.

They found that people who drank one or more cups of coffee a day had their risk of developing cancer lowered by half.

“We had not expected that we could observe such a substantial inverse association with coffee consumption and the risk of these cancers, and the inverse association in high-risk groups for these cancers as well,” Naganuma told Reuters.

Researchers also stated: “Although cessation of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking is currently the best known way to help reduce the risk of developing these cancers, coffee could be a preventive factor in both low-risk and high-risk populations.”

This study was published in the December 15, 2008 issue of American Journal of Epidemiology.


Source: Reuters