Coffee Cups That Refuse To Serve You: Mug Pie

In fusion it was that the five designers who formed Elseware got their start. In Mug Pie, one of Dan Harper's products for his personal word, refuse, mug shapes both fuse, as in join together, and refuse, as in there's no handle on this mug!

You have to commend Mr. Harper's ingenious rendering of these coffee cups. considering he was developing a product inspired by the word refuse. It's not a word that usually inspires new products. But what was actually created, was a very functional design in an interesing and elegant presentation.



In its "ranks closed" fomation, the Mug Pie can be used to create a lovely floral arrangement, party-size servings of olives, nuts, guacamole, and other dips and sauces, holders for your desk items... Ah, but I digress. They are coffee mugs, so let's figure out how to get to their mug handles.

Aha! Oh, yes, the Mug Pie is definitely a set of coffee (okay "beverage") mugs... and even more elegant in part than it is in toto. These 12 ounce mugs are totally unique, even stunning!




Mug Pies are for sale at Elseware in white/white, orange/white, light blue/white. A closed rank Mug Pie is 10" in diameter. Mugs are dishwasher safe and microwavable.