Wipe Up The Table With Coffee Napkin Art

What do you do when you love coffee so much that you want to share it with the rest of the world? Well, you draw pictures with coffee on napkins, of course. Christoph Niemann is an artist that creates interesting artwork made out of coffee.

Christoph creates a story through his art and shows us how much he loves his coffee. He cherishes coffee so much that his first drink of the day is tea, because he isn’t able to appreciate his first cup of coffee while he’s half-asleep. He wants to be fully awake to enjoy the sweet aroma and taste of his coffee.

Christoph disliked coffee until he was about 17 years old. In Paris, he forced himself to drink a café au lait and since then has loved the taste of coffee. He chronicles his lifelong addiction to coffee through his drawings.

While this artist is crazy over his coffee, I wonder how severe his coffee withdrawal would be if he stopped drinking it. I doubt he ever wants to find that out.

His coffee napkin art is very imaginative and clever. A humorous story through coffee stains. What do you think?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Thank you to Christoph Niemann!