Coffee, Tea, Hand Warmer? The Cupocket

Tableware designers are having a lot of fun these days with cup handles. Handles are studded with stones, shaped like gold knuckles, or they may be totally hidden.... Israeli designer Perach Rafian has inverted the cup handles on his new Cupocket, so that they can serve as comfy hand warmers.

The ceramic Cupocket is lined in silicone, enabling you to hold the Cupocket in both hands and tuck your fingers into the cup handles where, surrounded by hot liquid, they will be warmed without getting burned. Silicon is also a bit spongy, so it is a cozier surface for your fingers than hard ceramic.






I wish these were available, but Cupocket is, for now, just a great design. I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know when I find the cup/hand warmer for sale!


DesignBoom via Green Prophet