Coffin Carrier Is Just Too Ghoul For School

School may a serious undertaking but some students in Japan are taking the "undertaking" part of the concept just a bit too seriously - unless, of course, they're students of the occult.

Yes indeed, the Coffin Carrier from Village Vanguard, Japan's "exciting book store", adds a dark note to one's educational ensemble by bringing the graveyard to the schoolyard!

Measuring 63cm × 39cm × 13cm (25.2" x 15.6" x 5.2"), the Coffin Carrier comes only in midnight black but features a ghostly - more like ghastly - violet satin lining seemingly inspired by the spirit of Liberace or at least, one of his more fabulous outfits. There's also a pocket inside suitable for homework folders, report cards, or the Necronomicon.

Students aren't the only ones who can appreciate the unique charm of the Coffin Carrier. It features a carrying handle on the side and a metal tube frame with integral casters, just like those carriers flight attendants use when boarding their flights. Watching pilots and stewardesses marching through the airport toting Coffin Carriers behind them should do much to soothe those who fear flying... NOT!

The Coffin Carrier costs 12,600 yen (about $155), which any accountant (or a Count) will tell you, ain't dirt cheap. Then again, what better way to bone up for that important test? You won't just ace it, you'll casket! (via Village Vanguard)

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