Cola Lotion: It's (Not) The Real Thing

Coca-Cola is best served chilled but Cola Lotion? Not so much. This Coke copycat is actually a massage oil that goes on your outside, not your inside, though it's probably still a good match with dark rum.

Let's see what we've got here. A bottle with a red cap, filled with rich, dark brown liquid. A red label displaying white script in a distinctive font. What else could it be but... Cola Lotion? Your eyes ARE deceiving you - Cola Lotion is one of the most egregious ripoffs of Coca-Cola's identity we've seen yet.

With that said, one has to admire the talent and artistry that went into this cola scented massage oil and all-purpose lubricant being sold in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

The graphics are positively luscious... note the anime babe wearing an American flag bikini who promises "pleasure and exciting" to purchasers who fork out 700 yen (about $7.50) for each 500ml bottle.

One also wonders what the Coke execs back in Atlanta think of this homage to their century-old brand. You better bet rival Pepsi-Cola is having a group giggle: especially when they see the odd "serifs" on the "C" of Cola and the "L" of Lotion. (via Tokyobling and Japan Sugoi)