Cold Roller: Advanced Athletic Recovery

Trigger Point Performance Cold RollerTrigger Point Performance Cold Roller

Name something you do for sore muscles. If you were playing Family Feud, two of the top five answers would probably be "ice" and "roll or massage them." With the Cold Roller from Trigger Point Performance, you get both of these recovery strategies in one product.

Ice reduces inflammation and pain, and rolling muscles improves range of motion (check out one of my earlier blogs for other products used in rolling muscles). You get all of these benefits with the Cold Roller. It employs a stainless steel frame with a gel core that delivers cold compression directly to your muscles while you're rolling them out. 

Cold RollerCold Roller

The Cold Roller allows you to target specific muscles and deliver the benefits of cold compression and myofascial release (experienced with rolling), speeding up the process of recovery. All you need to do is freeze the Cold Roller for two hours then roll away on those sore muscles. The Cold Roller will remain cold up to three hours. 

At about $75, this recovery product isn't a bad deal. Some foam rollers can get fairly pricey (around $200 in some cases), and gel ice packs, designed for athletes, will cost you around $20. You can find out more about the Cold Roller on Trigger Point Performance Therapy's site or if you know this is a product you want, visit Amazon to buy one. 

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