Collagen Marshmallows To Wipe Out Wrinkles?


Here is an unusual creation that combines two of my favorite things – eating and beauty products.  Yes, we have all heard that what we put into our bodies can have a big impact on our outward appearance, but I am not going to tell you about drinking plenty of water or taking specific vitamins.  What is this beauty breakthrough you ask?  Marshmallows!  Yes, those tiny, sweet confectionery pillows.

Collagen Marshmallows from Eat Yourself Beautiful are now available online and at UK retailer, Harvey Nichols, and are touted as an anti-aging, beautifying and wellness product.  The idea behind it is that by taking in this additional collagen, the body will be able to strengthen and heal many areas which are lacking in elasticity and flexibility.  The site reports that they have included two types of collagen (one that heals skin, ligaments and tendons and another that repairs bones) in the marshmallows and have used a form that has been broken down for high absorption rates.   

The marshmallows have a pink grapefruit flavor and come in snack-sized packs.  The makers say that you can eat up to one packet a day and should continually use the product in order to maintain the anti-aging benefits.  No word yet on how they taste roasted over a campfire. 

Mar 26, 2010
by Anonymous



Mar 28, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Unusual Concept

It is pretty unusual isn't it?