Collapsible Bucket Folds Flat to Save Space

Japan has a reputation of being an overcrowded country where living space is at a premium, and those who live in big city apartments are painfully aware of the need to maximize every centimeter (0.4 inch) of living space. Products like the ingenious Collapsible Bucket from Dinos are designed to meet that need.

The 38 cm (15.2”) diameter bucket measures 27 cm (10.8”) high when unfolded. When collapsed, however, it's only 4.5 cm (1.8”) high. This makes it easy to store in nooks and crannies, close to where it's most often used. The collapsing feature also comes in handy when packing supplies for a camping trip.

Though the Collapsible Bucket from Dinos may adjust its height from small to tall, it weighs just 1.2 kg (2.65 lbs) whether folded or unfolded. Amazing!

The bucket comes in one size only – 10-liter (2.64 gallon) capacity – but comes in a choice of three colors: Muscat (light green), Chocolate (brown) or Berry (pink). The buckets are made in China, are priced at 3,990 yen (about $48) each, and can be ordered direct from the Dinos website. (via Walker Plus)

EDITOR'S NOTE: if you are looking for a superlight one, canvas collapsible buckets make a lot of sense.

Apr 23, 2011
by Anonymous

Wow! $48 for a plastic bucket!

One thing that "inventors" need to understand is that their inventions still need to be reasonably priced.

$48 for a plastic bucket is ridiculous - unless it stored itself in a 4th dimension and appeared magically whenever you called it.

Wow...$48 for a plastic bucket......

Aug 3, 2011
by Anonymous

Won't work very well for very long...

They tried this same thing with collapsable cups for camping/hiking. Nothing new here and BTW those cups fail. The bucket would do the same.