College Of Wizardry: An 'Authentic' Experience For Harry Potter Fans

Ever since the original release of the Harry Potter books, people of all ages have been dreaming about having the opportunity to get a real wizard education. Bits and pieces of the Hogwart's experience have been offered in places like Disney World or King's Cross Station in London, England. But those attractions just aren't enough for true Potter devotees, but now they can fulfill their dreams.

 Located in Poland, the establishment that is officially called Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, provides a three day Hogwart's experience to those that have failed to receive their invitation by carrier owl. This unique business has been in operation since it hosted its first event last month.

Of course, they want to keep a lot of the details quiet to avoid spoiling the experience for visitors. But, what we do know is that they operate with the help of 200 "role players", who come from more than 11 countries.. They play the roles of students, teachers, and wizards, and many play roles that might be reminiscent of specific characters and personalities that appear in the books and movies. The only thing missing from The College Of Witchcraft and Wizardry is real magic - but the experience is sure to be magical regardless.

Since this wizardry educational institute is like a boarding school, where visitors reside on the premises even outside of classs room hours, there is plenty of entertainment scheduled to keep them busy. Quiddich and dances are just a couple of the things that keep the business on theme, while increasing the entertainment potential. Naturally, each visitor is also sorted into a House which forms their alliance for all activities during their stay. 

The next even at the castle in Poland is set to take place in April. The cost is $345 plus travel expenses. This is one business we will definitely keep an eye on to see how it grows!

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Via: EW