Colonel Crispy Potato Chips: A Finger-Lickin' Good Snack!

Calbee's Corporation's Colonel Crispy potato chips are what you – you in Japan, that is – get when two food colossi join forces. Featuring the familiar folksy face of Colonel Harlan Sanders himself, Calbee's limited edition Colonel Crispy Potato Chips are flavored with the delicious essence of KFC Japan's original Colonel Crispy Chicken.

And just what would that delicious essence be, exactly? Unlike the Colonel's original secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, the taste of Colonel Crispy potato chips is no mystery: just a hint of soy sauce and garlic, along with the mouthwatering flavor of KFC's popular Colonel Crispy Chicken. Rest assured that KFC Japan representatives will be on-site at Calbee's production plant, ensuring the chips are authentically chicken-flavored.

Calbee and KFC have worked together successfully before so this latest collaboration makes perfect sense. As well, KFC Japan's boneless Colonel Crispy Chicken has enjoyed a prominent place on store menus since 1998 so consider the new snacks to be a great way of celebrating the item's fifteenth anniversary.

Colonel Crispy Potato Chips are scheduled for release in Japanese convenience stores on January 6th of 2014 with a broader national release kicking in a week later. Two sizes will be available: 83-gram bags for the convenience stores, 58-gram bags for everyone else. Last but not least, a discount coupon on the back of each bag can be applied towards the purchase of Colonel Crispy Chicken at any KFC Japan outlet. Now THAT'S what we call a win-win situation! (via Rocketnews24, Akihabara News, and Netallica)