Color Light DVD Turns Your TV Into A Giant Mood Ring


The Color Light DVD is a great example of providing users with the most bang for the least bucks. I mean sure, it costs $63 but you've already got a fancy-shmancy DVD player and a megabuck plasma screen TV, amiright? For just a couple percent of their cost you can let loose a light show not seen since you mistakenly downed those hits of bad acid back in college.

Here's how it works: you've got your DVD, which you pop into the player. Turn on the TV and watch an ever-changing panoply of color emanate into your room, slowly and steadily graduating from one hue to another. Whoa, man, I think I'm having a flashback!

OK, that's better, whew!... anyway, the Color Light DVD basically changes your TV into the world's largest mood ring. Remember those? Anyway, let's get to the specs & such. The idea behind the Color Light DVD came from Okamoto Hikarishi of Kyouei Design and if you purchase it, be forewarned the manual is in Japanese. That shouldn't really be an issue, however, as it's basically a plug & play sort of thing.

I can tell you that the DVD cycles through the entire color spectrum in 20 minutes though, and if a particular shade induces feelings of warmth (as opposed to, say, seizures) you can lock it in to extend the good vibes for as long as you like. Just try THAT with bad acid! (via Japan Trend Shop)