The Color Picker Pen Sparks Creativity and Exploration

Kids love to color.  It is such a simple activity, but such a universally liked one too.  Many a harried parent has been afforded a block of quiet time after offering an overactive child some paper and crayons.  Dinners out become more peaceful; trips are less chaotic and parents get some much needed relaxation.  Coloring is a wonderful thing, but it is also one more bundle of items to pack when you are going out.

The Color Picker Pen, by Jinsu Park,  is a fun concept that would keep the kids entertained for quite a while and would inspire dicovery and imagination along the way.  One end of the Color Picker scans objects and then the device matches the color and mixes the appropriate ink to make up the scanned shade.  Children should have fun finding objects to scan to get their precise color, as well as doing their coloring.

The pen would take three thin ink cartridges.  It also includes a color display strip along one side so that the current color is visible.  It sounds like tons of fun for kids, but would likely divert a lot of adults’ attention as well.  Let's hope this one makes it to market!     

Source: Designboom