Color Your Interior To Match Your Moods - 16 Million Of Them

If your interior colors are starting to bore you, don't paint your walls until you see the Philips Living Colors Lamp.   It lets you change the color of your walls and the atmosphere of your interior in one of 16 million colors every time the mood strikes you.


Philips Living Colors LED LampPhilips Living Colors LED Lamp


Lighting has the best influence on atmosphere in interior design.  When you add a translucent color, it intensifies that power even more. While 16 million colors may sound like overkill, I'll let you in on a secret.... The Living Colors Lamp really only has 256 colors, but it has 256 dimmer sets and 256 saturation sets, so if you square that all up, you get a few more possibilities than 16 million. 

The Living Colors Lamp has 4 LED's - 2 red, 1 blue, 1 green - that are controlled remotely by radio frequency, so you can change the color from anywhere in the room.  The remote, which can control up to six Living Colors Lamps, allows you to set colors with the color wheel and set intensity and saturation with dual dimmer buttons.  You can also set lamps to automatically cycle through a color's intensity and saturation to produce great lighting effects - for a party, let's say.

The Lamp itself plugs into an AC outlet with its translucent power cord.  It sits at an angle so its light can beam upward onto a wall, but the light reflects onto furniture, paintings, people...  And, because the LEDs don't get hot, you can leave the lamps on as long as you like.


Philips Living Colors LED LampPhilips Living Colors LED Lamp


 Philips Living Colors LED LampPhilips Living Colors LED Lamp




Philips Living Colors LED LampsPhilips Living Colors LED Lamps


Philips has also come out with a Mini Living Colors Lamp, which contains 3 LED lights - red, blue, and green.  It also has 256 colors but does not have the intensity and saturation feature of the standard size Living Colors Lamp.   Though it does have an automatic setting that will rotate through the lamps 256 colors, the color wheel is on the lamp, and there is no remote.


Philips MINI Living Colors LED LampPhilips MINI Living Colors LED Lamp


The Philips Living Colors Lamp With Remote and the Philips Mini Living Colors Lamp are both available at or at Hammacher.


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