Color Your Social Network With Complete Strangers

Like Blanche DuBois' famous line in Tennessee Williams' play "A Streetcar Named Desire," sometimes you just "have to depend on the kindness of strangers." Not to be lumped together with anti-social networks such as Avoidr, does however have the ability to allow its users to connect with strangers. And on the heels of coming off a $41 million round of funding, apparently investors feel that 'people you don't know' do have something in common - if only being at the same place, at the same time.

Color is a mobile photo and video sharing app that allows you not only to take your pictures and store your memories - but to also be able to collect those images from others around you who might have the same idea.

While other photo sharing applications are attached to one's social graph, Color has turned that paradigm inside out - by allowing you to compare your work with the perspective of others who took photos and videos at the same location - even if they are complete strangers.

For example, think about visiting the Grand Canyon where you might take a series of pictures and videos to email home or share on Facebook. Now, with the aid of Color, you'll not only be able to share your own photography, but also those of all the tourists who are also using the Color app. And once received you can even communicate with fellow photographers if you want to strike up a friendship, or make a new connection.

The app is equipped with a GPS and the area radius users have to work in is 150 yards. The use case scenarios are endless. Think about attending a trade show, or business conference, a graduation ceremony for one of your kids, product demos, cocktail receptions, weddings, concerts, sporting events, sightseeing, etc.

Users can download Color to their iPhone or Android phone and the albums created by all parties can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, and also hosted on Color's Web site.

Bill NguyenBill NguyenThe product is the brainchild of founder Bill Nguyen, who when interviewed by Mashable said the point of the app isn't really to share photos, so much as to "make small communities," while in transit.

However, with that said, now its up to Color to scale - because as an app that requires others to also be on board - without "Color-mates," you don't get to share a thing. And then there is the privacy issue. If Facebook can face privacy infringement on their network that is based on one's friends, Color treads the fine line of infringing on the privacy of others who while wanting to share your photos - don't necessarily want you as a BFF.

Since the app determines who your fellow "Color-mates" are based on how often you're in the same location, Washington Post's Hayley Tskuayama made the point, "that's a great idea in theory, but it also means that if another user is actively following you around, they can also see all of your shared media" and might be crossing the line of invading your space. Does anybody see a "stalker story" brewing in the foreseeable future?

Time will tell on this one, and if you can really depend on the kindness of strangers! Paparazzi!!! Paparazzi!!!



Mar 27, 2011
by Anonymous

miffed about the Bill Nyugen story

How can someone like me outdo a millionaire? I developed (in reality only came up with the premis or idea of how to make) a new social network with the company Medl. They have been sitting on it for more then a year "considering" it but with no other contact with me about it. My idea is painfully similiar to Mr Nyugen's . They also turned down my app idea for a confessional app that has now been released by another company. I'm frustrated and dont know what to do or who to contact about it. Maybe there is no one. But my app that idea that is close to Color, could still stand on its own and is different enough to be a success. But what do I do now, I'm not a computer geek, just an idea guy??