Colorful Desktop Paper Shredder Cuts Cards & Opens Mail

Sure, your spouse can cut up your credit cards and open your mail, but can you bring her/him to the office? Nosiree... so it's a good thing there's the SE.CU.MO F-150 shredder from Meiko Shokai.

It slices, it dices, it even mulches - the paper scraps measure a mere 2mm by 10mm. Best of all, trippy dayglo colors and a textured polygonal finish mean it doesn't look like every other boring piece of office equipment.

The SE.CU.MO F-150 shredder is available at Amazon Japan and comes in your choice of white, hot pink, lime green and black. Meiko Shokai makes much of the shredder's handy "3WAY" functionality... their words, not mine, what you and your shredder get up to after the close of business is none of MY business.

What it really means is you can (1) shred paper, (2) slice plastic cards into 3 pieces, and (3) trim a millimeter or so off the end of envelopes, thus opening them for you. Life's good, huh?

As for the odd-sounding name, "SE.CU.MO." takes the first two letters from the words Security, Customized and Moderate. Not exactly awe-inspiring but "Shredmaster 9000" or "The Shredinator" were probably already taken. Besides, this one's pink! (via Impress Watch)

Update: This shredder is no longer available. For folks willing to sacrifice style for function, three of the highest rated shredders on Amazon are here, here and here.

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