Colorful Plastic Umbrella Hangers Make Your Parasol Stand Up & Stand Out

Call them simply useful: these small and strong Umbrella Hangers from Japan's Mabuworld have no moving parts but perform more than one function: they hang your umbrella virtually anywhere while marking it as your property.

Truth be told there are few things more annoying than a wet umbrella that needs to be stowed properly once you're indoors and out of the rain. Oh, here's one: the umbrella you propped up just outside the door isn't there when you go back out because someone's innocently mistaken it for their own or purposely stolen it.

Now you can save both money and annoyance – not to mention your favorite umbrella – simply by snapping a flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) ring onto the parasol's shaft just above the handle. Not only is your umbrella now easily identifiable even among a crowd of similarly stowed bumbershoots, the solid ball on the other end allows your umbrella to hang off the edge of most any horizontal surface securely in plain sight.

Mabuworld's Umbrella Hanger comes in a choice of nine colors (black, white, magenta, orange, green glass, aqua, purple, opera pink, and yellow) and they're available for purchase at Amazon Japan for 500 yen or around $5 each. (via Roomie)