Colorful Pocket Ashtray Snuffs Your Ciggies

The Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray's time has come, appearing just when the formerly ubiquitous stand or table ashtray is slipping away into extinction.

People still do smoke, though the percentage of puffers is way down from its heyday, and they still need a place to stub out and/or dispose of their filters. The old ditch & dash just doesn't cut it in a society that's becoming more environmentally friendly by the day.

Slide aside the cap of the Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray and you'll find a sextet of cigarette-shaped holes. No need to stub out smoldering remnants or, heaven forbid, grind the stub out beneath your heel... just pop it in and slide the lid back. No muss, no fuss, no lingering smell.

Repeat as necessary until the ashtray is full, then  bottom cap and dispose discretely. The Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray comes in your choice of orange, lime green or pink, and they're made of tough (and heat resistant) ABS plastic.

They measure 35mm (1.37") wide by 78mm (3.07") tall and come with a metal ball chain for easy attachment to backpacks, purses or the end of a zipper. The cost? Just 890 yen or about $9.90 plus tax.