Colorful Sanitary Napkins Cheer Up a Blue Period

Designer Feminine Protection with Pretty Printed Pads!Designer Feminine Protection with Pretty Printed Pads!
From the “products we didn't ask for” department comes Whisper “Silky Soft Slims”; a special series of sanitary pads featuring unique designs created by Naomi Matsushima, a Japanese comedienne and member of the popular comedic duo Othello.

What business a comedienne has designing feminine hygiene products is really beyond my imagination, but Proctor & Gamble was enthused enough by Matsushima's ideas to put the pretty printed pads into production.

"If you think I'M funny, wait 'til you see my new line of feminine hygiene products!""If you think I'M funny, wait 'til you see my new line of feminine hygiene products!"
Rewind a few months back when Matsushima, on her TV variety show “Kira Kira Afro”, expressed her sincere desire to design Whisper pads so that “women could pass their menstrual period more happily.” Well, we're ALL in favor of that!

It's questionable whether that result will be achieved, however. The two designs feature stars for Whisper pads with wings and a camouflage (camouflage??) pattern on wingless Whisper pads. Both designs blaze forth in an odd green-yellow-orange color scheme.

Big in Japan... maybe big in Iraq tooBig in Japan... maybe big in Iraq too
Though we must salute P&G Japan's determination to go with the flow, as it were, this new trend is somewhat worrying... yes, it's now only a matter of time before Hello Kitty pads hit the store shelves. (via Japan Trend Shop)
Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous

next should be something

next should be something that would turn periods in blue color for those who faint watching blood lol

Jul 15, 2008
by Anonymous

why didn't i think of that :) ?

i like this idea; very simple and clever; good job ;)

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Aug 12, 2008
by Anonymous

Yeah, that is great...just

Yeah, that is great...just when I feel bloated and annoyed, I get to look down and see stars or camo. Just what I wanted!