Colorful UV Detector Bead Charms Bring Invisible Rays To Light

Portable electronic devices like cell phones, MP3 music players and now the iPad have enabled us to have more fun under the sun than ever before. There's a downside to the sunny side, however: dangerous UV rays that hitch a ride on a sunbeam, bound for your sensitive skin!

What to do? UV rays are invisible and can cause damage poolside, on a ski slope and even on cloudy days. Since you can't see the radiation, take something along with you that visibly reacts to it - like a bejeweled beaded charm that attaches to your mobile device, backpack or zipper and announces the presence of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight by deepening in color.

Each beaded UV detector charm measures 2.4" by 0.8" by 0.03" (6cm by 2cm by 0.8cm) and features a small rhinestone to add that special dash of bling. You can chose from 6 different colored rhinestones (aurora, yellow, crystal, pink, blue or red). The UV detecting beads are durable for up to 800 hours of continuous use.