Columbia's Omni-Heat Gear Keeps You Warm Without The Bulk


Cold weather means jackets, boots and gloves for those trying to stay warm. It means layers of clothing. Maybe layers over those layers. However, with Columbia's Omni-Heat Reflective technology, you don't need the layers. The Omni-Heat technology incorporates a layer of little silver dots that reflect and retain your body's warmth. 

Omni-Heat Lhotse Mountain JacketOmni-Heat Lhotse Mountain Jacket

The Omni-Heat gear also uses Eco-friendly insulation (made of 50% recycled material), in addition to the reflective layer, to keep you up to 20% warmer than other comparable gear, without all of the bulk some gear employs. Not only does the Omni-Heat gear keep you warmer, it also utilizes technology that wicks away excess sweat, which makes it ideal for the outdoors man.

Omni-Heat TechnologyOmni-Heat Technology


You would think that with its reflective layer and insulation that you would be in a clothing sauna that sounds like you're rolling around in aluminum foil, but the material is surprisingly breathable and quiet. And what's more, the metallic, reflective layer neutralizes static electricity, so you won't have to deal with those irksome static shocks. 

Columbia's Omni-Heat Reflective technology is available in jackets, base layer clothing and pants, but also shoes, boots, gloves and even sleeping bags and is reasonably priced. For example jackets will run you around $40 for the cheapest and around $200 for the most expensive. You can find a wide selection of the Omni-Heat gear on Amazon

Source: Columbia

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