Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument: Great Idea?

The Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument also referred to among the non-incarcerated as Patent#US 6880369, is comprised of a pen that has a writing end and a closed end and a cap that will fit on either one. A handcuff key is formed on the closed end of the cap, which extends longitudinally. When the writing end of the pen is inserted into the one end of the cap, the pen and cap together form a handle for the handcuff key that can be easily carried and accessed.



When using the Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument, a longer length pen is created when the closed end of the pen is inserted into the cap. The writing instrument is of the ball-point pen type. It can be attached to the user via an external clip on the cap, but it can swiftly transform itself into a handcuff key. Unless a person is leading a double life as Houdini or is on the lam from the law, why would anyone want this? Motives remain obscure but they are still silly.

Security should be a major concern for all of us, but come on. Consider some of these other ideas other inventor minds have conjured about security and pens. Read all about the Purse security System in Elizabeth Valeri’s piece, “Great Invention Idea? 5 Mother's Day Gifts for Every Kind of Mom,” and Kavita Mathur’s article, “Got Money to Burn? Pay $730,000 for a Pen.”

If none of this appeals to you, maybe it would be better to just stay home with your expensive pen, lock the doors and write your memoirs.

Even though statistics prove that more accidents happen in the home, what could possibly happen to you there?