Combine Art & Technology To Rock Moogfest 2014, Earn $1,000!

That’s right music lovers, innovators and entertainers- It’s almost time for Moogfest 2014, and the crew is looking for 5-10 awesome new multimedia experiences for the festival!


Taking the stage in Asheville, North Carolina from April 23rd through the 27th, Moogfest and The Media Arts Project are planning to display a series of pioneering pieces of art for the attendees to enjoy. They’ve invited artists, musicians, designers, architects, engineers, innovators, scientists, and students aged 18 or older to go wild designing a “freestanding, rapidly deployable temporary pavilion, structure or installation that embodies the interdisciplinary philosophy and innovation that Moog exemplifies.” While Moogfest is looking for bold and impressive ideas, there are some specific rules that the entertaining piece must comply with (can’t generate electricity, under 12 feet tall, etc.) that you can read through here.


Not only do designers get to create and share their musical, high tech piece of art with thousands of attendees at Moogfest, but all of the participants picked will also get a cool $1,000 for their hard work. You’ll need to send some highly detailed digital illustrations of your oddball contraption to the Moogfest judges by December 29th, 2013, and note that they’ll look for designs that can be assembled and taken down within 24 hours or less, will easily stand firm for public display, gives a bit of a nod to both Moog Music and The Media Arts Project, and how genuinely special the creation is. Sure, they’ve even said that they’ll give a preference to residents of North Carolina, but if you’d like to rock Moogfest with your compelling hybrid of fine art and machinery, go nuts!

Click here to submit your designs to the Moogfest judges and good luck!

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