Come Clean With the "Clean Lady" Bucket

Buckets are handy home essentials, no doubt about it. Anyone who likes to (has to?) clean will tell you they're absolutely necessary for effective housekeeping. But usually they're so dang utilitarian they couldn't possibly be thought of as anything other than solely functional.

Au contraire, mon frere. Now you can get all kinds of squeaky clean with this bucket from Studio Neils en Sven, based out of Amsterdam (go figure). This twist on a classic theme is a part of their Lift-Off Living line, and boasts a figure of a "clean lady" as the handle, arranged in a variety of poses for your house-keeping amusement. These ol' gals might even inspire some yoga alongside all that scrubbing, with their superior flexibility demonstrated in those extraordinary silhouettes.

Union workers' meetingUnion workers' meeting

And who knows? Maybe you'll be encouraged to actually degrime some dark corners of that dusty bachelor's pad once in a while. Then all you'd need is some scouring of that interminably filthy mind, which you might just have to resign yourself to. But good luck trying!

Found at studioneilsensven via Ilovedutchdesign

Sarah O
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