CometDocs, The Free Online File Converter

A new web application is offering you a free, quick way to convert file types online without having to create an account, or download any programs.  With over 50 types of file conversion, CometDocs has the opportunity to become a formiddable and powerful online tool for the work environment.

File converting can be something of a pain.  Typically, you'd have to have a program installed that would take the file and compile it into the new format without corrupting the data.  Many different settings for different data types yields many different results with varying quality.  The results can be both frustrating and time wasting when you have your documents essenially ready to go, but in the wrong format.

CometDocs performed well on all of the conversion types that I tried.  Various image formats, as well as text documents, can quickly and easily be converted to .pdf extension files.  Plain .txt files revealed some unusual options, like "Unix to DOS", "Mac to Unix", and "ASCII to Palm Doc".  As previously mentioned, the 50 plus conversion types make the site a tool to be reckoned with.

It's not without it's flaws, though.  On every test, I found that the progress bar never stopped, even after the converted file was sent.  Also, the converted file comes in an email with a rather blaring advertisment in the middle of the body, even before the download link for your coverted file.  Neither of those really take away from CometDocs' usefulness.  Give it a try at work today, and let us know how it worked out in the comments.