Comfort Food At Its Finest: Restaurant That’s All About Mac ‘N Cheese!

After I recently wrote an article about a restaurant that deals exclusively in PB&J based meals, a reader suggested S'MAC, another restaurant that features a food that will take you back to your childhood and to the days of your mom's hearty home cooking. I really hope you like cheese; but who doesn't?

Located in Manhattan's East Village, is S'MAC, a restaurant that delivers another childhood favorite exclusively, Mac ‘N Cheese! They've got more than a dozen variations of this classic comfort food, including of course, the traditional version; the All-American, which is a blend of American and cheddar cheeses. For those with more refined tastes, there's also the Napoletana, which takes after the pizza flavor; The Garden Lite, which is jam-packed with fresh vegetables; and the Masala, an Indian take on macaroni and cheese.

At S'MAC, you're not about to find Kraft Dinner on your plate; and in fact, these delicious and mouth-watering varieties of Mac ‘N Cheese, aren't even served on plates; each meal comes on single-serving sized skillets!

Hungry yet?

Jul 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Id add these to the Menu

Mex Mac & Cheese
Thai Mac & Cheese
HI Style with pineapples
4 Cheese Mac.
5 Cheese Mac
Garlic & Cheese Mac
Chiptole Cheese & Mac
Cheddar & Pepperjack Mac & Cheese

Franchise to the US some.
Radical idea.
Way 2 cool

Jul 21, 2009
by Anonymous


If you check their menu you will notice that they have several of them already. I agree, they need to have more locations!