Comfy Kitty Cozy's Got Your Hot Water Bottle Covered

Back when you were small and sick, Mom would bring you a hot cup of tea and a warm hot water bottle to soothe those aches and pains. Nice. The creepy feel and rubbery smell of the hot water bottle, not so much. Now Japan's Kao Corporation has made that nasty old hot water bottle much more comforting to the touch while retaining the disturbing creepiness you loved to hate.

Nyantomo is an intriguing idea that, like so many Japanese inventions, takes a dogleg into weirdsville on the way from concept to store shelf. Now there are a multitude of knitted and even cashmere hot water bottle covers out there... most look like oversized oven mitts, hardly comforting beyond their basic function. Nyantomo is a stuffed kitty that gives hot water bottles personality! Well, kitten-ality to be exact.

Nyantomo comes in two parts: a furry outside and a rubbery inside. Simply fill the rubber bladder with hot water, then insert it into the cat - NOT THAT CAT!! Whew, that could've been messy. Yes, Nyantomo is that lifelike.

Anyway, once you've filled, inserted and, umm, fitted the plug, you're left with a warm and furry feline friend with which to banish the chills and ease the aches & pains. A friend that is silent, undemanding and never asks for money, food or bathroom breaks. Can you see where this is leading? You can be sure the product planners at Kao Corporation are too. (via Japan Trend Shop and Profit Co.)