Coming Soon: Cure Your Hayfever With Photo Therapy

Suffering from hayfever? A new treatment that doesn't involve taking antihistamines every day for the rest of your life is in the works. It's called Allergia, and it's a phototherapeutic medical device that suppresses the symptoms of seasonal allergenic rhinitis (SAR), commonly known as hayfever.

Allergia Phototherapy Device for HayfeverAllergia Phototherapy Device for Hayfever

It works by delivering Red Light (not the same as UV Light) into each nostril to alleviate the symptoms of sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose. Red Light has a therapeutic window of 600-800nm, and was chosen based on the growing body of research that consistently demonstrates the efficacy and safety of phototherapy in managing seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis. 

Phototherapy (light therapy, or heliotherapy) is the exposure to light of specific wavelengths for a prescribed amount of time, sometimes at a specific time of day. It has been used effectively to treat skin disorders (chiefly psoriasis), sleep disorders and some psychiatric disorders. There is some evidence to suggest it speeds up wound healing, and can help people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Light therapy is a mood altering treatment, so there are possibilities of triggering mental side effects, which is why Allergia will have to go through extensive testing to make sure that it can be used safely.

The good news is they achieved a 31% improvement in Total Nasal Symptom Score v.s Baseline (p = 0.013) with no side effects in their pilot study. 

It's still in proof of concept, patent-pending, FDA pre-submission phase, so we're still a few years away, but you can follow their progress here.  

Coming from a family of allergy sufferers who've tried Homeopathy, Reiki, Phototherapy, Biomagnetic therapy, even Psychotherapy to stop the sneezing, Allergia is really exciting. My question is - will it work for dust or animal allergies?  

Source: AllergiaMedical