Command The Stars with Galaxiki








Ever felt like you deserved to rule your own planet, solar system or even galaxy? Well, Darth Vader, here's your chance. Jumping on the "wiki" craze sweeping the Internet, some ingenious developers have come up with Galaxiki , a web 2.0 site comprised of user webpages that represent stars in the website's "galaxy."

Using wiki technology, each star, planet and moon represent one wiki page on the site where members can name and edit these objects and invent their own collaborative Sci-Fi world. While stars and moons are cool in their own right, I find the planets the most engaging, as you can start from scratch and create your own world with it's own history and life forms. Though only a wee seven months old, Galaxiki creator Jos Kirps has high hopes for the blooming website. "We're now looking for people willing to help us with translations - German and French versions of the site are already partly available, other languages are being prepared", explains Kirps. "Just like any other community site we heavily rely on active users, and we're looking forward to see people from all over the world become part of our world!"

With this kind of exposure, hopefully the website will see a huge surge in user-ship and therefore upgrades. So far only operating on 2-D model, with enough support Galaxiki could easily be upgraded to a fully integrated 3-D platform. Though memberships are currently free, the site hopes to profit from those of us who crave galactic domination by paying $12 to have our very own solar system.  I say we help urge participation, and perhaps in the near future inter-galactic battles will ensue between users.  Better get started on that Death Star.


Seth Plattner
Featured Blogger
Inventor Spot Team