Commuting Gloves Add Comfort To The Korean Travel System

As much as I advocate public transit, in concept, for environmental reasons; I loathe standing on a Commuter GlovesCommuter Glovesbus or subway about as much as the next person. You find yourself sleeping, falling, and tumbling over the person sitting in the seat in front of where you're standing. Now, one innovative Korean designer has made commuting just that much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, no one can promise an infinite number of seats so that no one has to stand when using any public transit system, so the next best thing is to help people from falling into their neighbors laps. Anti-slip gloves accomplish this goal, and though they may not have been created with this purpose in mind, they are being sold by transit system users for this very purpose.

Fashion isn't the priority for these Korean commuters, and while these may not suit fashion standards of NYC transit systems where every day is like a walk down the runway, they get the job done!

Via: TrendHunter