The Compact Core Exerciser Mimics Horseback Riding And Strengthens Your Core

Compact Core ExerciserCompact Core Exerciser

Riding a horse requires leg and core strength, and the more you ride, the more your legs and core get stronger. The Compact Core Exerciser mimics the movements involved in riding a horse, and so it strengthens your legs and core.

The Compact Core Exerciser requires no electricity. You use your own weight to put the drivewheel in motion. Just sit on the padded saddle, shift your weight backward to set the drivewheel in motion and engage your core and leg muscles to control the movement of the exerciser. 

If you know how to canter on a horse, you'll know exactly how to use the Compact Core Exerciser. This little machine forces you to use your lumbar muscles, abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings to control and keep your motion going. 

Muscles Worked With Compact Core ExerciserMuscles Worked With Compact Core Exerciser

Strengthening your core means better posture, improved balance and a lower risk of back injuries. The Compact Core Exerciser was designed for core and leg strength, but it also gives you a good workout. Depending on how hard you work, you could burn as many calories in 10 minutes with the Compact Core Exerciser as you would in an hour long walk. 

Since the Compact Core Exerciser requires no electricity, you can use it anywhere. The little machine will support up to 250 pounds, and it is lighter than many core exercisers, making it easy to move and stow. 

The only downside to the Compact Core Exerciser is its price tag. You'll be spending about $250 on this machine. However, if you can fork out the dough, it's a great addition to a home gym. Check out Amazon for product specs and ordering information. 

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