Compact Portable Washlet Puts a Japanese Toilet in Your Hand

Those who have used a Japanese washlet toilet often say they can never go back to using non-spraying toilets. If said toilet is one of the high-end models that follows up the cleansing spray with a warmed air blow-dry, even more so. Trouble is, travelers are often deprived of their preferred washlet experience once they leave the confines of their home or hotel. The horror!

Relax, you spoiled party poopers (the “party” is silent), Japanese manufacturers have come up with an obvious and elegant solution. Not unlike the American Express card, you won't want to leave home without it.

Ladies and gents, I give you the Compact Washlet Machine! Pure & simple, it's a washlet you can take anywhere, even on camping trips where electricity is just a fading memory. The blue & white device looks like a plastic travel water bottle and holds 140ml of warm water. When nature calls, just extend the telescoping nozzle and... let us spray!

The retailers over in Japan are quite enthused about the Compact Washlet Machine, stating that “Out of all of the amazing and great gadgets that have been released by the Japanese in the past, this could very well be the greatest one of them all.” Y'know what? They just might be right.

The Compact Washlet Machine measures 13.5cm by 6cm by 5cm (5.4” by 2.4” by 2”) and the nozzle extends 8cm, or 3.2”. It weighs just 150 grams (5.35 oz), ideal for travel. The designers have even thought to provide a strap so that you won't drop the device into the worst possible place at the worst possible time. 

Included with the Compact Washlet Machine are an extra nozzle top, a carrying pouch and an instruction manual. The latter is only in Japanese but hey: when the time comes, you'll figure it out. It's yours for just 4,070 yen (around $47.90) each.