Compact Single Person’s Cooker: When Two is a Crowd

What makes the Compact Single Person’s Cooker so special?

The Compact Single Person’s Cooker, also known as SPC to its closest friends and users, is a very convenient appliance for those of us who live alone, hate to prepare meals and may for convenience sake, fall prey to the lure of fast junk food. (Martha Stewart, don’t look or read.) The Compact Single Person’s Cooker is meant to encourage its users to prepare healthier meals and to be a time-saver to the single person or busy commuter who considers preparing a meal more of a chore than an experience to be savored. Actually, any family with a busy schedule can benefit from the convenience of the Single Person’s Compact Cooker.

Compact Sngle CookerCompact Sngle Cooker


Compact Single Cooker - ClosedCompact Single Cooker - Closed

What are some of the unique features offered by the Compact Single Person’s Cooker?

Currently a prototype competing as one of the finalists in the Concept Product Competition slated for London early next year, the Compact Single Person’s cooker wears several hats. The Compact Single person’s cooker is a combination chopping board, utensil holder and Wi-Fi enabled screen, which gives users easy access to recipes on the Internet.

Who created the Compact Single Person’s Cooker?

Designed by Alex Bradley, a self-confessed professional dreamer, illustrator and designer, the Compact Single Person’s Cooker is a contemporary appliance with a new and sleek look. (Your other appliances will look on with envy at its trim, compact size and efficiency. Calm them gently.)

Is the Compact Single Person’s Cooker for you?

I don’t know.
How many are you? (Even if you have two personalities, you can only count yourself once in this unusual poll.)

Get a Compact Single Person’s Cooker today and invite no one else over for dinner tonight!