Company Destined To Reveal Caffeine With Test Strips For Coffee

Those who turn to decaffeinated coffee just can't rely on someone's word that it's what they're getting, and let's be honest here; it was policy when I worked in my first job as a teenager in a coffee fop that if the decaf was out, you top it off with regular. In order to fight off misleading teenagers like I was, Discover Testing has created a product that allows people to test the caffeine content of their beverages.

The company also provides water testing products, but it's the caffeine testing items that really are something special. Apparently they've discovered that approximately 30% of people who order decaf in coffee shops are either served the wrong this, intentionally or otherwise, and this can be deadly to those that are avoided caffeine for health reasons. On their quest to providing everyone with full disclosure with their drinks; Discover Testing has created unique test strips that provide convenient answers. The caffeine test strips simply need to be dipped in the coffee or tea and answers are immediate, so buyers know whether or not it's time to drink up or demand a new drink!