Competitive Or Creepy: Brain Athlete Scans Your Brain Waves

Every good competitor knows that sports are only partly physical. Sure, you need muscles and physical prowess, but the game starts in your mind. Without the proper mental preparation and focus, you may as well just sit the bench.

So it reasons that game analysis should include more than just a look at the game tape; it should get all up inside your mind to see how your mental game played out.

Impossible? Apparently, not anymore. A new product called BrainAthlete is designed specifically to analyze your mental game. Now, we're still a little short of full video read-outs of your thoughts, so the BrainAthlete won't show you explicit video of your daydreams about the cheerleading squad (thankfully). But with a set of sensors built into your visor, BA tracks your brain waves and sends them (via Bluetooth) to a computer where you can analyze your mental performance. The device is designed to show you when you're concentrating and when you're not, so that you can make the appropriate adjustments and improve your mental game. It can show you the results in real time or after your workout is over.

It's not entirely clear how you analyze your brain wave output, but hopefully by the time this makes it over to the US this quarter, they'll have some comprehensive English instructions. Until then, it will be available in Japan for a selling price around $500. Sounds steep, but certainly cheaper than hiring a physical trainer for any extended amount of time.  And your mind is the most important part of your game face.

Engadget via Dvice