Competitors Partner For Snowshoeing Go-To Guide

Isn't it great when market rivals put aside their differences for the good of their industry? That's what recently happened when two major players in the snowshoe market--Tubbs and Atlas--teamed up to create The new website isn't so much designed to sell you Tubbs and/or Atlas shoes, but to get you informed and out on the snow-covered knoll.

The website is designed for all types of snowshoers from first-timers to hardened trail breakers and features a variety of learning tools and community resources. You can get started with basic tutorials on what gear you'll need, what types of things you can do on snowshoes, techniques, etc. When you're ready to get out there, the TrailNet section is a database of more than 3,300 trails--and growing--designed to let you find, trails in your area. If you've hiked one that's not there, you can submit it yourself. Note that trails are user-generated, so accuracy is not a guarantee.

You'll also find a forum for getting advice or just shooting the snowshoeing sh**, as well as event and news listings. It's a nice comprehensive resource for all things snowshoeing. 

I've always thought of snowshoeing as one of the less organized sports out there--more of an activity that you do once in a while without a formal community--so it's kind of cool to see an entire website based on the sport. The trails section should prove particularly useful. I've often found myself holding a pair of snowshoes with no idea where to go when on a trip or in other unfamilar territory, so having such a simple go-to is a good thing. When it comes to hiking, mountain biking and other sports, there are numerous such resources out there, so it's nice to see one for snowshoeing as well. And just in time for the new season! 

I gave it a quick test and found the trail browsing section to work quite nicely. You can quickly hone in on your state or town on the map right on the home page. I found a nice list of trails near my town--some of which I've done and some that I didn't even know were possible on snowshoes--so it looks pretty solid so far.