Compost Cab: Business Offers Weekly Curbside Compost Pickup!

Not all cities and states are fortunate enough to have curbside compost pickup for compostable items along with their weekly garbage retrieval. Perhaps this is a trend that will spread further someday, but until then, there are businesses ready to step up and fill in the gaps!

In the Washington DC area, there is a new business jumping on the bandwagon. It knows that as people become more environmentally concious, they don't want to see all of their items end up in the trash when they could be better disposed of in an environmentall friendly way. For $8 a week, what Compost Cab does is provides service users with a bin to dispose of items good for compost, then once a week, just like garbage pickup; they will retrieve the compost curbside.

Sure, people could create their own backyard compost heaps, but for those in urban and suburban settings with small properties, the idea of having degrading food in a small yard just isn't the most appealing. To take their service one step further, Compost Cab also allows loyal users to pick up their share of soil so their composting efforts are directly rewarded!

Via: Springwise


May 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Thanks, and a clarification

Thanks for sharing Compost Cab with your readers -- we're looking forward to rolling out our service in the coming weeks, to getting more people composting, and to helping build greener, healthier cities, beginning in our nation's capital.

Just a quick clarification: customers who claim their share of soil don't have to pick it up -- we'll deliver it straight to their home or business as part of their service!


founder, Compost Cab