CompREST Foam Mattress Will Make Your Camping Trip Much More Comfortable

If you remember your last experience with an air mattress, then odds are you remember something unpleasant. However, the air mattress is just about the best option for a comfortable night's sleep when camping, until now--until CompREST hits the market.

CompREST Foam MattressCompREST Foam Mattress

The Foam Option

If you've slept on an air mattress, then you know the struggle. You have to unpack the thing, then inflate it, and you'll probably have to inflate it once more before you actually sleep on it. Even then, some air is bound to escape the mattress, and often you'll wake up on a semi-deflated piece of plastic. 

With that said, the air mattress is the best option for camping trips. It is lightweight, usually simple to set up and fairly comfortable. However CompREST is looking to dethrone the air mattress as the king of camping sleep accouterments.

CompREST Is Vacuum PackableCompREST Is Vacuum Packable

CompREST turns the camping sleep process on its head. Instead of unpacking a mattress, inflating it and then deflating it to re-pack it, you just unpack the foam mattress and sleep on it, and then shrink it to pack it up again. 

Foam mattresses are way more comfortable than air mattresses, but it's not exactly practical to lug a foam mattress along on a camping trip. CompREST eliminates the lugging part by providing a way to shrink a large foam mattress. With the CompREST system, you vacuum pack the mattress so that you can carry it along anywhere. 

CompREST Goes AnywhereCompREST Goes Anywhere

Did I mention...

The vacuum sealer not only makes it possible to carry a more comfortable option than the air mattress along on camping trips, it is also small and lightweight. If you're going to have an air mattress, you're going to be carrying around that bulky thing that inflates it as well. With CompREST, you'll get one of the most light weight sleep tools around. 

And did I mention, the CompREST vacuum sealer recharges your phone? So then you're getting a piece of equipment that makes it possible to pack a foam mattress in your camping gear, is super lightweight and rechargeable, and it can charge your phone. 

It Charges Your PhoneIt Charges Your Phone

Not only is CompREST the most comfortable option for sleeping while camping, it comes with a protective cover. Things get dirty when you're outdoors, so if you accidentally get some mud or food on the mattress, it will just wipe away. 

And, you don't have to use CompREST exclusively for camping. The next time you have friends over, just pop out the CompREST and give them a bed that won't deflate in the middle of the night. It only takes about 3 minutes to pack away CompREST, so it's not time consuming at all. 

If you want more information on this camping innovation, or if you want to pre-order one (CompREST isn't yet on the market), check out the CompREST Kickstarter campaign