A Computer That Grows On You - Literally

Biotechnology -

The exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, esp. the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc.


The utilization of plant life for the purpose of keeping a computer running cooler as the watering process both dampens the soil within the computer and during the evaporation process, while providing a unique habitat in which the plant life can thrive.

This heat wave has all of us thinking about water, cool, clear water. Even our computers are running hot lately. Now there is computer that doubles as a plant hanger, a perfect solution for running your computer through hot spells.


Omer Deutsch has designed a home PC that doubles as a hanging planter that he calls Secondary Growth.  Giving new meaning to the term "hybrid," Deutsch's design includes a component base with built-in slots that accept individual hardware. While it certainly may not look like any computer most of us have ever seen, the design is actually fairly simple, offering a textbook example of how form follows function. The processor, GPU, memory and hard drive all slip into separate slots, making for easy removal for repairs, upgrades or reconfigurations.


The name of Deutsch's innovation, Secondary Growth, refers to the growth in vascular plants resulting from the production of layers of secondary tissue by a lateral meristem. In other words, the new tissue accumulates and results in thicker branches and stems. See the images below to get an idea of how this computer's presence will grow in your office.


Secondary Growth's outer shell is designed to be water resistant while allowing for water cooling of the internal components. Designed to come complete with soil and seeds of the ivy in the pictures, I imagine that any programmer/gardener can input whatever sort of plant they like. In these times, I might suggest a beanstalk or snow peas... have you seen the price of fresh green beans lately?!