Computer-Controlled Coffee Roasters: Control-Shift-R = Roast!

What is the Computer-Controlled Coffee Roaster?


Most experts agree that is a very good question. Although computer roasters have hit the market before, none are as elaborate as this one. The basic PID of this strange Computer-Controlled Coffee Roaster is a Fuji PXR4 that can be used either with a laptop or a computer via a USB port.

How does the Computer-Controlled Coffee Roaster work?

A fan inside the roaster controls the roasting process. The roasting chamber itself uses two tubes, one made of bakelite and the other a 3-inch diameter glass tube. To prevent damaging the setup and to allow for heat dissipation, this amazing Computer-Controlled Coffee Roaster uses a high temperature RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) Silicone. A screen at the bottom of the device can be used to empty the roaster and get freshly roasted beans at any time.

Who created this amazing Computer-Controlled Coffee Roaster?

This coffee roasting device is the brainchild of young inventor, Matthew P. Williams. He said of his coffee roaster:

“…The PID is a Fuji PXR4 that can be used standalone or interfaced with my laptop via a USB cable. My roaster is in a brand new housing. All the control features, including the variac, are in one single unit... There's still a lot to play with, but basically the roasts I'm getting are better than before. I have never been able to coax this kind of sweetness from the bean… I am extremely pleased with the results.”

Is this Computer-Controlled Coffee Roaster for you?

Why not enter the question into Google and find out for sure?

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