Fabulous Chair Concept: Only 100 Shock Absorbers To Go!

Alessandro Bêda has an exciting idea for a chair and, if he can make it work with 100 gas shock absorbers, he can make his mark on a whole new line of ultra-modern furniture!

The hundred shock absorbers, covered presumably in foam and shiny bright green faux leather in Bêda's graphics, are mounted on 100 stainless steel poles that form the chair "legs" and they, in turn,  are mounted on a mirrored stainless steel platform.



Though pictured in various formations, it is unclear how different levels of the shock absorbers would be maintained, except by putting pressure on them.





Alessandro Bêda's concept, his "Untitled Chair," is a dimensional match to the LC2 Petit Comfort Lounge Chair, approximately 30 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep, and 26 inches high. Beyond the dimensions, however, there is not much similarity.



However Bêda eventually manifests the technical aspects of this stylish and dreamily comfy-looking chair, I believe he will.... I mean I sure hope he does! What a luscious treat for interior design that would be!

via Balance Network