Concept Computer Based on Tea Cup

Innovations in computers and the way we interact with machines and technology is an exciting field to monitor these days. We've seen some intriguing advances in this interaction recently. Some of this technology is years down the road from being implemented successfully in the consumer market. For now, it seems, the way the average user interacts with her computer will remain by and large, the same. Enter the Cup PC concept computer.



The Cup PC is a concept computer designed with simplicity, albeit alien sounding human/computer interaction. The idea is based off of a device that looks like a standard tea cup. Inside is a holographic projector that displays the user interface and data in various ways, inside the cup for starters. If you want to share data with another Cup computer user, you simply pour the selected data into their tea cup computer, or stack your cup in theirs. If you want to display information for more users, simply "spill" the data out onto the table and watch the holographic projector enlarge the image on the table for all to see and participate.



Are people really ready for such an interactive experience? The Cup PC concept computer could eventually make an extremely effective media presentation device. Displaying picture slide shows and videos on the kitchen counter (or boardroom conference table) in a high-quality display sounds very enticing, but as a replacement for today's computer, I'm not buying it. Perhaps this is because today's notion of how we work on our computers is so ingrained in our thinking and even our daily life, that to get outside that very comfortable box is, well, uncomfortable.

That being said, I'm sure that some spectacular advances in technology and innovations in computers will come along in the months and years to come that will have the potential to shake things up. What ideas do you guys have for future human/computer interaction?


Apr 4, 2008
by Toby
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This is so neat, and it looks so easy. What next, indeed?

Apr 6, 2008
by Anonymous

when that happens i will be

when that happens i will be first in line. *campaigning to get rid of my peice of trash comp*

Apr 7, 2008
by Ben Arnold
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I would love one of these...

...for a portable media display device.  I'm not sure it could replace my workstation at home, but then like I said, perhaps that's just my 20th century way of thinking....