Conceptual Sports Watch

Not much concrete information is given on this "Conceptual Watch" designed by Max Germano (it is a concept after all), but the watch is clearly aimed at athletes. Presumably, the watch contains heart rate monitor, stop watch and other performance indicators to provide you with all that data about how your game is stacking up.

However, this watch is more about sleek good looks than performance. Borrowing some styling cues from the equally-sleek Polar FT80, the watch is better looking than any of those boxy wrist PCs that protrude half a foot off the top of your arm.

Then again, those boxy wristops function for sports. And with the inexplicable thumb-wrapping wrist band, any sport that necessitates use of your hands would be a tad more uncomfortable with this thing on. It seems like it could look equally stylish, albeit slightly less "conceptual" with a regular wrist band.


Either way, the watch would be an enviable fashion piece on any track or court of play. The striking timepiece would undoubtedly incapicitate an opponent or two as they pondered where you'd purchased such a fine sports watch.

Via: Yanko