Condemned Chinese Building Goes Boom, Video Footage Goes Viral

An eye-popping video going viral on WeChat (China's mobile text and voice messaging service) shows the sudden demolition of the Qiqihar City Public Security Bureau building, seemingly without warning. To their credit, downtown drivers, pedestrians and cafe diners kept their cool, kept calm and carried on.  

Qiqihar, located in northeastern China's Heilongjiang province, has experienced a recent boost in economic growth through being one anchor of the Harbin-Daqing-Qiqihar Industrial Corridor. Many buildings in the ancient city have fallen – literally – to the accompanying construction boom, often with an audible boom of their own.

A prime example occurred on July 22nd, 2014 at precisely 3:03:30 local time (according to a driver's dash camera) when the Qiqihar City Public Security Bureau building collapsed into a cloud of dust.

Surprisingly, the implosion wasn't precipitated by any explosion. Nor were any effective hoardings set up, no sprinklers were on hand to assist in dust remediation, and no police officers were at the scene to detour traffic. Just like in America's Wild West, in China you're on your own.

Although city authorities questioned after the fact stated that a safety cordon WAS established, the dash-cam footage and the reactions of drivers and obviously surprised onlookers indicates otherwise.

Perhaps the scavenged and hollowed-out former police HQ simply collapsed earlier than expected without any assistance. In any case, the dash-cam video is must-see viewing and though short, makes quite an impact... just like the building. (via Apple Daily)