Tokyo's Mayonnaise Restaurant Charges To Hold Personalized Bottles of Mayonnaise

Hold the mayo? Never at Tokyo's Mayonnaise Kitchen, where the topping takes top billing and the king of condiments is rich, calorie-laden mayonnaise!

The Mayonnaise Kitchen travelling road showThe Mayonnaise Kitchen travelling road showMayonnaise is not natural to Japan, but like so many other things invented elsewhere, the Japanese have heartily embraced it and made it their own. Indeed, some pundits with a finger on the pulse of Japanese pop culture have singled out a distinct group of mayo-loving young trendies, naming them "mayora ". I kid you not.

Personalized bottles at Mayonnaise KitchenPersonalized bottles at Mayonnaise Kitchen
It's these mayora, which can be loosely translated as "mayo folk", who have helped a very unusual restaurant in Hachioji ward eke out a unique niche in Tokyo's dining scene. Mayonnaise Kitchen , or "mayokitchi" to the natives, is its self-descriptive title. Diners can choose from a wide variety of Japanese and western foods that have one thing in common: mayonnaise. Mayo dabbed on top, mayo set on the side or mayo mixed into sauces, rich, calorie-laden mayonnaise makes every dish complete.

Kewpie Mayonnaise, a Japanese traditionKewpie Mayonnaise, a Japanese tradition
Mayonnaise Kitchen offers their regular customers a unique service that has garnered it international attention of late - an exclusive bottle-keeping service that allows mayo maniacs to get as saucy as they want to be. The 600 yen (about $5) charge for the 3-month per bottle service isn't all that much, and customers can (and do, with gusto) personalize their bottles. It's a clever marketing angle that literally keeps diners coming back for more! One wonders, though... do they come back a little chubbier every time?

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer