Cones Of Smilence : Japan's Top 10 Cute, Kooky & Quirky Traffic Safety Cones

Safety cones have become so commonplace along Japanese roadways and walkways, those who deploy them must resort to extremes in order to have the portable warning sentinels stand out in the crowd. These 10 examples of startling safety cone scenery reflect the current state of affairs in prominent pyramidal triangulation.    

Gang Green Grin

Outside of a child's cartoon, we bet you've never seen a smiling safety cone before... and a green one at that! This perky pair was spotted in Tokyo's Yoyogi district in May of 2010. (cute quirky safety cone image via MartinSFP


Armed & Dangerously Cute

They don't come much more creative than this: a line of safety cones at a Japanese construction site, each one bearing a different face and sporting “arm” cables to keep the cones in place. (cute quirky safety cone image via Daifukumochi


Volcanic Conic

When it comes to Japan, Mount Fuji is about as iconic as it gets and when it comes to conical safety cones, the serenely snow-capped national symbol is a natural model. You can even purchase Fuji-themed safety cones at retail outlets like the Everything Fuji store in – wait for it – Fujinomiya. (cute quirky safety cone image via Asagiri WEB


Chick Cone Dinner

Speaking of which, visitors who are feeling a might peckish can pop into the Chicken House restaurant in Fujinomiya. Don't speak the local lingo? Don't worry... just check for the chicken cone out front. (cute quirky safety cone image via Freezard


Religious I-Cones

These jaw-dropping Buddha safety cones were an art project by Fusao Hasegawa that blossomed into a minor commercial success story. According to 3yen, Buddhist temples deployed the cones to dissuade drivers from illegally parking on temple grounds and, more importantly, to persuade drunken salarymen not to urinate on the property. (cute quirky safety cone image via 3yen and Hasegawa Fusao)


Wide World of Spots

Can you spot these safety cones? Too late, someone already has, and quite nicely if we do say so ourselves. One must wonder whether diverting so far from boring old Safety Orange has made these supposed warning markers less noticeable, however. (cute quirky safety cone image via Peter Arbaugh)


Big In Japan

That's not a cone, THIS is a cone! If brighter colors, stripes and smiley faces still don't do the trick, blowing up your safety cones – in a good way, mind you – is a great way to get the message across. The next logical step is having Godzilla stomp any illegally parked cars. (cute quirky safety cone image via Kat n Kim)


Cone Cosmetics

Is this cone coming on to you? Note the bashful batted lashes and cloying come-hither smile sported by this cunningly camouflaged cone. You'd do anything the little lady asks, wouldn't you? Of course you would, even if all she's asking is for you to yield to construction vehicles. (cute quirky safety cone image via Bethany Weeks)


Ramen Speed!

As if visiting a ramen museum could be any more fun, the safety cones in the parking lot are happy to see you too! Or maybe they're glad to see you leave... why not both? (cute quirky safety cone image via Today's Landscape)


ConeCone Chanel

The rich really are different from you and me, and so are their safety cones. The distinctively branded (and spotlessly clean) example above fronts an unnamed and undoubtedly exclusive building in Tokyo's fashionable Shibuya district... because plunking a run-of-the-mill, hoi-polloi orange cone there would be SO uncouth, that's why. (cute quirky safety cone image via Tokyo Fashion)


Kookie Is As Kuki Does

Now orange you glad Japan has all these kookie, er, KUKI traffic safety cones? And hey, this is just a random sampling of what lurks along the nation's highways and byways. Too bad Pyramid Power isn't a thing; there'd be no need for Fukushima and its ilk.