Confection Commercials Convey Candy Coated Comedy

As much as I rail on and on about how crazy I think marketing people can get.  They'll throw anything on print, radio, TV, or film to get our attention.  That's all it has to do; simply make us aware of a product for a fraction of a second to maintain consumer awareness.

There's no arguing that advertisers employ creative individuals.  And while some ideas (I'm talking to you, Baby Ronald) are just plain scary, others are funny.  Indeed, I'd posit that some commercials are better than most situation comedies being dragged out this season.

Candy seems a product designed for comedy.  It's light.  Yummy.  Sweet.  And leaves us happy.  Let's take a look at a few ad campaigns for some sweet stuff.

Candy Commercial # 1: Mikado

I not only want to try that candy, but I also want to work in that office.


Candy Commercial # 2: IFA

This 2009 commercial shows just how crazy Norwegians can be about licorice:

I've been lucky enough to have this candy.  I danced like that as well.  It's delicious.


Candy Commercial # 3: Baby Ruth

Time is not kind to some commercials, making them unintentionally funny.  This ad is positively cringe-worthy.

I'm glad that my brain has clouded over most of the 1980s.  I forgot how stupid some of the styles were back then.

The one thing that hasn't changed is the notion that a candy bar is a "snack" because it has a peanut in it.


Candy Commercial # 4: Mentos

We all know these ads.  I always saw them as a twisted perspective of the United States mentality.  Time actually hasn't changed these much.  They were strange in a manner that we, as consumers, couldn't quite figure out.  This is probably because they were (and still are) produced in Germany, so the sense of humor is just... well... a little off, from a US perspective.

I would have punched that little #@%*er in the face.

The punch would have happened right at this moment:

"Hi!  I'm a big a**hole!"  BAM!!!!"Hi! I'm a big a**hole!" BAM!!!!

Then I would steal his delicious candy and push his limp body out of my car.


Funny Candy Commercial # 5: Skittles

Hands down, Skittles is the master when it comes to funny candy ads for one reason: The creators of these commercials have the balls to be strange.  These are the good kind of strange, the stuff that is just so bizarre that you can't help by be entranced.

What I find truly amazing about the Skittles campaign is that it sometimes drifts into dark territory.

Sometimes the ads are downright morose:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Skittles has several more commercials in this vein, most of which are as fun as the ones above.

Notice how these ads work.  They create a world.  The populate the world with strange people and creatures.  Then they seamlessly integrate the product into the commercial, almost as though it was a second thought.

And unlike the Mentos ad, I don't want to punch anyone (or anything) in the face.