Connect Body Parts With Your Bike: Great Idea?

 It is odd to look at the Body Connected Bike because the human-wheel assembly reminds one of an act that might stand a chance amid the Cirque de Soleil troupe. Patent # US 6805657 could also arguably be mythological in origin, as shadows of creatures that could never be loom as this thing passes by on the road, especially in those areas where you can’t see the road. One might question as well why the rider sports a water bottle in the illustration indicated, as use of such would surely entail another Cirque de Soleil performance.




There are some good things to say about this integrated human-wheel assembly. It is a very clever contraption, and if you fall off it, you can’t fall very far, which is more than you can say about other moving vehicles. The Body Connected Bike is composed of front and rear roller assemblies with handgrips on either side of the front wheel. A rider grasps the handgrips and secures lower legs by straps, which are part of the rear roller assembly. The body of the rider (mangled or otherwise) is the connection between the front and rear roller assemblies. This placement, by its very nature, allows for high-performance riding, good exercise and healthy competition.

The creation, riding and maintenace of bicyles has been a source of creativity for inventors ever since their conception some two centuries ago. Consider “Spherical Safety Seat, Un-Brella, Double Traction Bike: Are They Copycat Products?” and green job #9 at “Make Some Green Going Green...Ten Top Green Jobs Today.

I think I will pass on the Body-Connected Bike as my body is telling me loudly and clearly that it is not per moi. It may be for you, however, and if it is, best of luck.  If you post information as to when the Cirque will next be in town, I will be happy to attend your debut. Until then,

Adieu, Body Connected Bike, also known as Patent # US 6805657.


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Mar 24, 2009
by Anonymous

question buddy.

i gots a little question for ya fwend... how do you gain momentum on this bitch??? i ride mountain bikes and i mostly ride downhill style and i STILL use my pedals every chance i get! how could you possibly intergrate a pedal system into the rear wheel when your legs are obviously strapped in! also if you were DOING some down hill there are no breaks! lol do you just sorta lay yourself out flat on the ground smashing your winer into whatever may be below you... including a copperhead snake!!! ouch!!! just a couple of thoughts! love the idea though i would ride one on a trail!

Mar 24, 2009
by Cosetta
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I don't know Falcor, but thanks for your thoughts.


Happy Patent,